There are many styles of massage and even within a given style, techniques can vary quite a lot from one massage therapist to another. This can be confusing for the consumer, however, most massage styles fit into one of two broad categories. Massage practice can range from swedish for relaxation, emotional or stress relief through clinical therapy such as trigger point therapy for pain relief.

The Spa Massage

Women on a massage table on a spa settingsMassage at a spa is focused on relaxation, emotional-relief and stress reduction. Most people are familiar with this type of massage. It is often considered to be luxurious pampering. It may be combined with services like a facial or body scrub. Massage for relaxation is often done with a light touch, such as in swedish or deeper tissue massage. It tends to be standardized, not customized, especially at a spa or a massage chain. This is the kind of experience you expect at a spa.



The Clinical Massage

Clinical Massage reduces chronic pain and other ailmentsThe second kind of massage experience is less well known among consumers. It is clinical massage, also called therapeutic or medical massage. Typical goals include reducing pain, increasing range of motion, improving posture and reducing fluid retention (edema). The massage room may seem more like a doctor’s office and the sessions are short. Clinical massage might be prescribed by a doctor and covered by insurance. The clinical massage therapist customizes a treatment plan to target the client’s specific problem and only treats that area, not the whole body. Clinical massage therapists may have additional training in one or more specialty areas. This creates a wide variety of approaches to clinical massage using many different techniques.



The PalmLeaf Massage

Ramon Mascarenas of PalmLeaf Massage ClinicAt PalmLeaf Massage Clinic we believe in the benefits of both spa and clinical massages. After all, you can’t relax when you’re in pain. A typical 90-minute session starts with an evaluation and clinical massage to address specific areas of acute or chronic pain and dysfunction.

Even if you think you have no pain, you almost certainly have areas of latent (hidden) muscle tension that are painful when pressure is applied. Pain patterns and their trigger points have been carefully mapped out for the entire body.(1)  Releasing muscle knots has tremendous benefits that extend beyond the area being treated. For example, the true source of lower back pain can be tight muscles in the abdominal region. Trigger point therapy is one of the main therapeutic techniques used at PalmLeaf Massage Clinic.

Then lomi lomi, a type of traditional Hawaiian massage, is used for its incredibly relaxing effects. The long, rhythmic, gliding strokes of lomi lomi mimic the action of waves.  Together they create a state of complete relaxation.

A 90- or 120-minute session is recommended for a PalmLeaf style therapeutic massage. That allows enough time to target your painful problem areas and still get all the stress reduction benefits of lomi lomi  in the second part of the session.

The PalmLeaf Difference

  • You get a full 60 minutes of treatment time, not 50 minutes like some places. A full 90 minutes of treatment time, not 80 minutes and a full 120 minutes, not 110 minutes.
  • There’s no extra charge for deep tissue work or hot and cold packs when they’re needed for effective treatment.
  • At your first appointment you’ll receive a thorough evaluation to determine what factors might be contributing to your pain and mobility issues.
  • Every session is customized to meet your individual treatment goals. Want a lighter touch or more pressure? No problem.
  • You’ll learn self-care techniques that you can use at home.
  • We provide comfort touches like soothing music, soft lighting, a table warmer and microfiber linens.

At PalmLeaf Massage Clinic we believe in finding and treating the source of your pain. We work with you to discover the perpetuating factors that are keeping you in pain. Our goal is always to help you find your “new normal,” without pain and dysfunction. Once you try PalmLeaf Massage Clinic, you just might become a repeat client. Read what our satisfied clients are saying and then schedule your massage today.

Enjoy the good life. Enjoy a massage.™


(1):  Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simons are the pioneers of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy . Dr. Janet Travell was the personal physician of the former President John F. Kennedy.