Whether a result of poor posture, overuse during work or even leisure activities like sports, shoulder pain is part of normal life, especially with aging. Shoulder pain or injury is caused by overuse or incorrect use of the specific muscles, tendons and ligaments that keep shoulder joints stable, and can be felt in one spot, a larger region of the shoulder or even in radiating pain that can involve the neck and arm. A traumatic injury can cause severe pain and shoulder damage, which should be diagnosed and treated by medical professionals.


Despite the common occurrence of shoulder problems, shoulder pain can be alleviated with proper treatment, including the healing benefits of heat, stretching and strengthening offered as part of massage therapy. Trigger point therapy can be especially beneficial for the release of tight muscles that cause nagging shoulder pain.

Clinical Massage Treatment:

  • Hot/Cold contrast treatment
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Self-care exercises

What to expect during the treatment sessions:

Every treatment is customized for your specific needs at PalmLeaf Massage Clinic. During the initial visit, we will ask you to fill out an intake form so we can assess your shoulder muscle pain.

A 90 minutes session is recommended to have a thorough assessment and therapeutic massage treatment.

The treatment includes range of motion assessment, therapeutic massage treatment – warming up the tissue, soft and deep massage treatment with detailed trigger point therapy as well as with hot and cold contrast treatment. After the massage treatment, we re-evaluate your range of motion and create a treatment plan.

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