shutterstock_176775170Do you know the signs of good posture?

More importantly, can you assess your own posture, recognize good alignment and change any bad habits? When you improve your posture, you increase your overall wellness.

Most of us understand that good posture gives our bodies the shape and support we need to function well. We can usually recognize good and bad posture when looking at someone, but it is a little harder to recognize them in ourselves.




Check these points for well-aligned posture:

  1. When standing, your body should be vertically aligned, with a straight spine and head, and a straight line from your ankles to your knees, hips, shoulders and ears.
  2. When standing, there should be a slight inward curve to your lower back and your abdomen should be flat.
  3. When standing or walking, your knees should face straight ahead and your shoulders and hips should remain level.
  4. When sitting, keep your head up (not leaning forward), use the back of your chair for support and keep your feet flat on the floor.

In addition to following these tips, regular therapeutic massage can help strengthen and stretch muscles and align bones to support good posture and increase overall wellness.