Grand Opening

PalmLeaf Health and Wellness
Friday, September 30, 2022

4 pm – 8 pm

PalmLeaf Health and Wellness Opens New Clinic in Buffalo Grove Offering Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Yoga, and More

  • Ribbon Cutting at 5:30 pm
  • Meet the staff of PalmLeaf Health & Wellness and PalmLeaf Massage Clinic
  • Food by Chef Sylvia Orawiec 
  • Raffles for Massage and Health & Wellness Services


Come Join Us!

Buffalo Grove, IL – New clinic PalmLeaf Health and Wellness celebrates their Grand Opening Friday September 30 from 4-8pm at 355 W Dundee Rd, Suite 105. The new clinic offers a wide range of medical professionals and experts specializing in a full range of disciplines and treatments.

Patients may now schedule appointments for Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Yoga,  Health Coach for behavioral changes,  Qigong Healing Meditation, and Healthy Eating Support Group.

“We combine traditional medicine with the latest science to bring local residents lots of fresh options for effective treatment, escape from pain, and more natural healing,” said Ramon Mascarenas, Founder of PalmLeaf Health and Wellness.



Acupuncture is well established as a leading non-surgical way to solve many pains, aches, and health challenges. Samantha Brodersen is PalmLeaf’s Licensed Acupuncturist providing customized care for patients.

Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Brian Bernier uses Naturopathic care to discover the root causes of an illness. Naturopathic Medicine blends traditional healing with the latest science to effectively reverse many serious conditions including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Eumi Chang, DC, offers chiropractic care for anyone, involving keeping the spinal column aligned. An off-center spine has widespread effects throughout the body. The goal is to align the spine, restore function to the spine and nervous system, prevent future injury, relieve pain, and improve the range and quality of movement.

Qigong Healing & Meditation

Specialists at PalmLeaf all have extensive education, training, and professional experience. But perhaps the longest experience is Qigong expert Emmett Sylvester who has practiced Qigong Healing since 1962. He shows patients how to feel good naturally letting Energy follow Intention.


We offers Yoga as a way to build strength, flexibility, and creativity while soothing a variety of health conditions. Veronika Patton has led thousands of Yoga sessions over 16 years teaching participants how to combine Yoga and proper breathing to effectively heal body and soul.

Health Coach for Behavioral Changes

Your Life Matters – Health Coaches & Behavioral changes help you develop strategies and plans based on your concerns and health goals. We guide you to sustain healthy habits around your diet and lifestyle with your coach, Martha Schevers.

Healthy Eating Support Group

Join our healthy eating support group where we learn about whole foods and plant-based eating with cooking classes, product sampling, book discussions, tips, and tricks hosted by Jen Mascarenas.

Sign up for raffle — win gift certificates

Please register to attend our grand opening!* We will be so happy for you to join us! Chef Sylvia Oriwiec will prepare amazing food and a variety of sumptuous delicacies. She is amazing! Wine will be served during the event. Meet our caring staff and ask any questions you may have. Everyone is welcome. Please spread the word and invite your friends and family. Big hugs!  – Ramon Mascarenas 🙂

We will have a ribbon cutting at 5:30 pm; Free raffles all day, get a chance to win gift certificates from various services such as Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Therapy, Naturopathy Medicine, Health Coach, Free Yoga classes & Qigong classes!

So sign up today so we can have a guest head count. Thank you!

*If raffle winners are not present, we will text or call you as long we have your contact information.

Health is Happiness

Inspiring quotes

We rise by lifting others

A healthy outside starts from the inside – Robert Urich

Let food be thy medicine. Thy medicine shall be thy food.

We are passionate about helping you, it feeds our happy soul – Ramon M. 🙂

L-R photos: Samantha Brodersen, L.Ac; Dr. Eumi Chang, DC; Dr. Brian Bernier, ND; Martha Schevers, Health Coach; Veronika Patton, Yoga Therapy; Emmett Sylvester, Qigong Healer and Meditation, Jen Mascarenas, Heatlhy Eating Support Group; Ramon Mascarenas, Bodyworker and Manager

We are an integrated medical professionals for your health and wellness.

L to R. Jen & Ramon Mascarenas, Chef Sylvia Orawiec, Samantha Brodersen, L.Ac

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