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About Emmett

Emmett Sylvester has been a resident of this Planet for 82 years. In 1962, Emmett trained in Tai Chi and Qigong in the Far East with different Masters. However, during those years, he was led on a different path of addictions and an unhealthy lifestyle. In 2004 Emmett was drawn back to Qigong training with International Qigong Master Lin of Spring Forest Qigong for 18 years, and that’s when he focused all his energy on self-healing with Qigong. He completely healed himself with Qigong: “Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Energetically & Spiritually” 

Emmett says, “I became the master of my life through Qigong, which is my Intention (Energy follows Intention) for you to be the master of your life to feel good naturally.”

Qigong Healing 

Helps enhance the flow of energy in your body and brain, bringing it back into balance for Optimal Health, Wellness, and Healing with Longevity.

Emmett uses gentle physical stimulation of your energy channels and the power of your mind and heart to “Activate the Healer Within”. It is similar to massage with the art of Qigong and Acupuncture without the needles and powerful healing because the client uses their energy, generational energy, and whoever they pray to for healing to “Activate the Healer Within” along with Emmett’s healing hands. 

Ready to help you with

  • Self-Healing
  • Stress Release
  • Detecting, and Releasing Energy Blockages
  • Relieve Suffering and Gain Pleasure
  • Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Energetically & Spiritually

Hand and carpal tunnel massage treatment
Pregnancy Massage Session
Reduce Low back pain with therapeutic massage

It was suggested to me by a healer that I incorporate qigong into my life as a natural method of managing my chronic osteoporosis, so I was thrilled to find an ongoing weekly Qigong  Quantum Healing group facilitated by Emmett Sylvester.  Many years later, I am still attending that same group and consider Emmett not only a dear friend but also a vital and loving of my spiritual guru support system.

Emmett is a skilled practitioner and teacher – he models the qigong movements. He makes gentle corrections to our movements as needed, interspersing his verbal wisdom and humor, so it feels like a joyous guided mediation.  He is also very generous with his time and talent, offering many free sessions for organizations such as the Kenneth Young Center, assisted living facilities, libraries, etc. 

Qigong Quantum Healing has indeed helped my osteoporosis, as evidenced by bone scans.  What is of more significance to me, though, is that it has helped me to more fully integrate consciousness teachings I am studying elsewhere, guiding me along the path of mindfulness and unfolding my life purpose.  I am also a more conscious guide to my children.  

As an astrologer, I began to realize that within 24 hours before or after attending one of Emmett’s group sessions, I received contact from a new or existing astrological client for a session.  I am sold on the many benefits of Qigong Quantum Healing! I will attend Emmett’s sessions whenever possible because I feel the benefits of ten-plus-folds

In Gratitude, Lisa Hagenbuch

It has been the Privilege and honor of Kenneth Young Center, a community mental health Center in Elk Grove Village, to experience the healing benefits of Qigong as taught and led by Emmett Sylvester once a month over the past four years.  Many clients have reported feeling healthier, happier, more peaceful, and hopeful from this experience and exposure to Qigong. Emmett is a great teacher, clear, highly spirited, articulate, creative, and sensitive to the needs of our clients who suffer from severe mental illnesses.  He is patient and kind and an inspiration to those of us who have worked with him.  He also has a wonderful sense of humor which lights up the room.  Many clients have reported physical and mental healing experiences of various degrees. I have personally been healed of aches and pains and felt much better after these sessions.  The group has grown since Emmett started because it is so popular and successful.  We feel blessed to have him as a part of our program. — Tica K.

Thanks for such a wonderful experience. I felt more alert, my whole body felt in a stronger, more connected, and better state, and my mind more relaxed and at peace. I definitely want to come again! I wanted to share with you that my client Bonnie who attended last night, just came in for a sauna session. She expressed that she really enjoyed it as well and that her son also LOVED it and said he wanted to come again.

With Love and Appreciation, Christina

Attending Emmett’s Qigong Quantum Healing classes taught me valuable healing techniques for healing self and others, body, mind, and spirit. I also learned techniques for learning to take control of my thoughts and actions, and how to connect to the universal creator’s energy that created us and the world around us, and sustains us spiritually and physically. Truly heart-opening enlightenment. — Ray H : )

I really enjoyed the class; it REALLY LIFTED MY SPIRIT SO MUCH. . THANK YOU! I was really feeling down at the beginning of class… If you have any DVD or YouTube videos that you can suggest to me to do every morning as a routine to help me with (social anxiety) that would be a blessing to me 🙂 Or a website that could be helpful. .. God bless — Sharon 

We especially enjoyed how you combine visceral organs with our minds and our emotions. We also liked the gentle body movements, which helped us improve our biological functioning getting us closer to our desired optimum health. — Gloria and Spencer

Qigong Healing Schedule Coming Soon!