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Ramon has an amazing touch that intuitively just knows where in the body it needs to focus on. I have received 2 very amazing massages from Ramon so far and every time I am amazed at his technique, his ability to get all the knots out from the right place. His professionalism level is outstanding, his knowledge is incredible! You have GOT to try it for yourself to believe it. — Masha L.

This is my first experience with Lomi Lomi style massage. I have had a number other massages that were nothing special and did not meet my expectations for stress and muscle pain relief. Through Ramon I have experienced the most amazing massage. I have had years of chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. Much of this is from my occupation. He is able to find my pain areas and work them out. My range of motion has improved. He also recommended home care techniques for me to maintain the health of my muscles. The unexpected result for me has been the release of emotional stress from so many years of pain. As I was laying on his table, the floodgates of emotional stress opened and I felt the freedom to finally let all that go. I have experienced has both physical and emotional healing through Ramon’s care. — Dr. Dan F.

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