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If your employer offers the option of contributing to a Flexible Spending Account, this can become a valuable tool as you manage your health care expenses. You can choose how much to contribute per year usually broken into specific amounts per pay period. The money added to your FSA is not taxable saving you money on your yearly tax bill.

Therapeutic massage, along with other eligible medical expenses, can be reimbursed through your FSA. As you plan your annual FSA contribution amount, consider the benefits offered by regular massage therapy: stress relief, reductions in chronic pain, insomnia, digestive disorders, plus an increase in feelings of overall wellness…just what you need to make each year your best year ever!

  • We use Merchant Classification Code (MCC) 8099 ‘Medical Services and Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified.’
  • HSA/FSA cards may have restrictions as to what Merchant Classification Codes are accepted. If your card is not covered under MCC 8099, please contact your card issuer in order to determine the options moving forward, as coverage is dependent upon the specific HSA/FSA plan.

Talk to your employer or Human Resources Department

When using your FSA, look out for one special provision: the money you add in a year must be used for eligible health care expenses incurred in that year or the funds are forfeited.

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